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Logrus is a premier provider of software solutions
for Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint is a robust document management platform, and is one of the top tools for collaborative applications development. It can be used to create versatile, customized web services and applications of the widest range and type. The Logrus software development team has undertaken several projects for major companies involving Sharepoint, including Microsoft and McDonalds. Strict NDAs prevent us from disclosing the project details, but rest assured that we have the experience and qualifications to create the most versatile applications for you with Sharepoint. Development will be easier and faster with our original Sharepoint web parts from our past projects. These tested and verified components can be reused to create new web applications based on proven and selected best practices.

Custom development

We offer comprehensive solutions in the fields of engineering, design, development, and product localization. From us, you can order a complete package of services to start your project: Our specialists will provide expert assistance at all stages, from drawing up of the terms of reference, to the training of staff and further technical support for users.

Electronic catalogs and presentations

We are involved in the development of multiplatform electronic catalogs with the possibility of accommodating both on-line (on web servers), and off-line media as well as additional support for mobile devices. In addition, we create electronic presentations of any level of complexity: from traditional slides, to complex interactive publications.

Design and maintenance of web projects

We specialize in creating a variety of web projects. From simple landing pages to multi-functional portals, e-commerce and intranet systems, including design development, CMS setup, site hosting, and content management, including authoring and copyrighting.

Mobile applications

Logrus specializes in the development of various types of mobile applications, as well as creating mobile versions of web sites. We work with all major platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), and professionally localize applications for a variety of global languages.

Engineering work and testing

We provide engineering and software testing for all languages, including bi-directional and double-byte. We work with many different types of software, ranging from Desktop-applications to mobile games and Internet services.


We develop e-learning courses in a number of areas: we offer courses for corporate staff training, courses for working with equipment, courses for learning software, etc. We work with the most popular programs to create our courses (Adobe Captivate, iSpring, Articulate Engage, Articulate Storyline, etc.), in addition to using our own technology.

  • Mobile application example


    The application 'Laundrapp' enables the user to receive the most comprehensive information on dry-cleaners and laundromats in one's respective city: cost of services, contact details, addresses, hours of operation, etc. Functionality includes search and sort by items and price, subscription to all applicable discounts and searching by them, as well as the possibility to participate in the promotions of partners, where one can receive a variety of prizes.

  • Mobile application example


    Expovert can exchange electronic business cards for any Wi-Fi network between all users with this application. There exist separate modes: one can both send and receive business cards, or just one of the two. In addition, one can search all received business cards, show their status, and add contacts to their address book.

  • Mobile application example


    Phototag contains a unique base of attractions in various cities. With it, one will be able to find interesting monuments, buildings or streets, learn their history, and take pictures which one can later caption. One can also take advantage of special offers and get discounts in restaurants and other establishments of the selected city.

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